I’m a Blogger! That’s who I am! 🤴🏽👍🏽

I want to Blog! – That’s why I’m here! 🙋🏽‍♂️

My Educational Background

On a more serious note, I am Tariq Muhammad, Executive Master’s degree graduate (2013), Texas Southern University (TSU) – Go Tigers! For those of you who do not know, Texas Southern University, is a Historical Black University under the banner of a HBCU (Historical Black College & University).

About Me

I was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio in 1967 to the parents of KidRichard Woods Sr. and Alana C. Harrison. Currently, I work part-time as a Floor Tech at a hospital. I have children and grand-children. I am a strong supporter of ‘legalized Marijuana’ so much so that I am starting a 4/20 group with the purpose of producing an annual local community 4/20 event for marijuana connoisseurs called ‘Light Up 4/20’.

Presently, I am single and have never been married. My interest has always been and still is ‘Music’ & ‘Adult Entertainment’ Reasons for the those two interests are I grew up being inspired by ‘MTV’ & ‘The Playboy channel’.

Since about 2009, I was introduced to social media. My favorites media platforms are Adult Chat Rooms and YouTube. I love research and idea writing as a means to communicate with others outside of my community and inner-circle about topics of shared interests!

My Community

My community and inner-circle is, predominantly, African American with an influx of Black African refugees with some who have become my very dear friends. Everyday we, mainly, share thoughts about issues and solutions that most believe have an impact (negative or positive) on our everyday lives. Our shared thoughts, range from law enforcement and whether it is bias toward Black African Americans to who is Black and who is truly African American.

One recent issue among Black African Americans that demands an answer is:

Issue Question: If African Americans can only be black and a white African lives in the United States of America with dual citizenship, is not the white African an African American also?

Another recent issue among Black Africans is an unresolved ongoing issue which is:

Issue Question: Is how can Black Americans call themselves African American, if they do not hold dual citizenship?

According to Black Africans here in America, the only uniting factor that bounds them with Black Americans is the word – ‘Black!’ Other than the word ‘black‘, Black Africans assert there is no common ancestry with them and Black Americans.

One question asked in, daily posts, by WordPress, is why are you blogging publicly and not keeping a diary? The above issue questions, among other topics and reasons, are why I am here blogging publicly and not keeping a diary.

My Current Goal

In my opinion, a diary is something you add to at the end of your day describing your experiences for that day and is very personal accept to those who are privy to read it. In contrast, and in my opinion again, blogging publicly is a way to communicate to an audience, community, and or network outside yourself (diary) as well as outside your geographical location.

I want to engage a broader community to share their thoughts with my blogs to expand the discussions I and the broader community blog and comment about in regard to our shared interests on topics from law to race. Since, befriending many black African refugees here in America, Dayton 45402, I have also Facebook friended and Instagram followed black Africans throughout Africa.

Short Story: Some time ago, I attended a refugee/immigrant conference held at our main branch library. One of the guest speakers, who happened to be a very dark Sudanese with an Italian name, told of his experience in the U.S. since 10 years old. This speaker was a South Soudan refugee who came to America as a result of his parents and others being killed in front of him. According to him,

his white Christian family told him black Americans despised him, and at the age 18 years old he was caused to work at a grave yard digging ditches
because he was denied a job when a White female receptionist told his interviewer that he was arguing on the phone in a foreign language with his wife. He denied ever being married at 18 and owning a phone at the time of the incident. Instead, he believed
he was granted a chance to interview because of his Italian name but denied the interview because of his physical features,
very very dark. Today, he owns a store that serves Africans and other immigrants. We have a Mexican carry out that serves Africans too.

Just think!

The memories of that refugee/immigrant conference at my main branch library are contained in my memory bank and the pictures of that conference are stored on my phones memory bank just like a diary Or, I could be blogging publicly! And sharing my experiences with ‘like-minded’ bloggers and non-bloggers – those who comment, like, subscribed, etc… only yet they do not blog!

Blogging and Beyond

Another distinct reason why I am here results from my research (planning) on entering the video streaming market on YouTube. Currently, I comment, like, dislike, subscribed, respond back to comments, and add various types of videos (From How to – Religion) to my playlists only. Thus far, I have learned to be a marketable brand on YouTube, I should start with a website. Many of the tutorials I have been re-watching on YouTube on how to use YouTube’s video streaming for branding, explain website development as the first goal to merch my brand. I watched a tutorial on using WordPress website for ‘affiliate marketing’ explained on YouTube by Chua, H. How to Build a $1000+/Month Affiliate Marketing Website (Make Passive Income) – 2021. According to Chua, … WordPress is just a lot more customizable and has a lot more features for building an affiliate website

Therefore, what better place to start my entrepreneur journey than with an application I am somewhat familiar with? Answer: Check out: tariqmuhammadblog.wordpress.com.

However, rather than proceed step-by-step as instructed in Chua’s video, which is Awesome, I decided I would learn from WordPress get started guide and expand from there. Web Yoda who does a great step-by-step tutorial on How To Make a WordPress Website — 2021 — A WordPress Website Tutorial for Beginners also.

Also, following the tutorials contained at https://wordpress.com/dailypost/blogging-university/blogging-fundamentals-materials/#day1 is helping to develop an ‘about me’ description (Who I am/Why I am here) that I can use across all my online memberships such as Facebook and Instagram, etc …

A Very Special Thanks


Thanks for helping me get started with sharing my thoughts and experiences.